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It is with the greatest of sadness that Dave informs us Lyn lost her brave battle this morning at 12.35am in St Wilfrid’s. Dave and the family were with Lyn and Dave was holding her hand when she left us.

Dave & LynLyn was an amazing person – so passionate, so determined and so caring – and we will miss her more than words can say.

We all have such lovely memories of Lyn from her time with the club – and beyond – and wow what an impact and what a difference she made to AM,

Her battle with her illness was one we all watched and admired. It is a truly wicked disease. The weeks she came to breakfast when she was feeling unwell, but she wanted to be there, she wanted to come and see us, she still wanted to be playing her part. And boy she did!


And look at that amazing Lyn’s Garden Party just two months ago. She had to leave for a while to go to the hospital for a scan and she had a horrible experience there, she couldn’t complete the scan because of the pain.

But she still came back to the party, smiling, chatting and helping out where she could. We were both dozing off when everyone was clearing up afterwards – she had a reason, I didn’t even had an excuse, but it was still nice!

Lynda Dean was one amazing individual who I had the privilege to know, albeit for too short a time. I will treasure the moments I had with her. I am sure we all will.

The coming days, weeks, months and I am sure years are going to be very tough for Dave and the family. I have always said that AM is like a family – albeit a dysfunctional one at times – and I know we will do all we can to support them. We must not hide our grief and emotions, Dave would not want us to.

On Friday at breakfast, I would invite as many people as possible to attend. To mourn yes, but I want us as a club to celebrate and remember Lyn, if Dave feels that is appropriate.

That is what would Lyn would want, I am sure. Sad yes but Lyn would want it to be uplifting as well. Talking often helps, and I think sharing memories would be very suitable.

Words normally come easy to me – often spelt wrong I know or in text speak. Writing this email, however, has been very difficult because it is hard to put in to words our emotions at this devastating time.

Dave – I speak on behalf of us all when I say we are all greatly, greatly saddened at today’s news. It will, of course, hit our club very badly because Lyn played such a big part in it.
We send our love to you and the family and our prayers and thoughts are with you all.


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