Eastbourne AM is committed to helping worthwhile causes in Eastbourne, in the UK and around the world. Through strong friendships and a desire to get involved, we search out new projects to support, promote and enhance. We specialise in helping small locally focused projects over a long term both at home and overseas. This enables members to really see the differences their input makes.

We have some major projects that we support annually and more details of these events can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


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Beachy Head Lighthouse, is one of those iconic lighthouses, and very much part of the Eastbourne scene, and so it was something of a shock to be told by the owners of the lighthouse – Trinity House – that they no longer intended to re-paint it, even though it sorely needed it. Due to modern navigation aids such as GPS, it was no longer considered necessary to maintain the famous red and white stripes, and that it would be allowed to gradually return to plain stone, and in fact even the light no longer needs to be as powerful as it once was.

Whilst this was understandable for a strictly navigation point of view, because it is so much a part of the Eastbourne coast, many thought that a private fund raising scheme should be adopted to raise the necessary funds for the painting. By coincidence, two groups came up with the idea of fund raising at the same time – The Save the Stripes Internet campaign, and one started by the Rotary Club of Eastbourne AM in 2013, and between them they raised funds to have the painting done at a cost of £28,000, with paint supplied by Brewers.

Now in its fifth year, the annual walk around the lighthouse has been arranged for Saturday 24th June 2017. This is a rare opportunity when a low Spring tide occurs at the right time, and during daylight hours to enable people to walk around the lighthouse. The walk was originally started to raise funds for the re-painting necessary, and now it provides funds to build up to the time when it again needs to be re-painted plus supporting local charities organised by the Rotary Club of Eastbourne AM in conjunction with the “Save the Stripes” campaign and supported by the Eastbourne Herald.

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ONE of our proudest events we stage annually is the annual Marianne Williams Music Scholarships at the Birley Centre, part of Eastbourne College.
Marianne was a leading light in our club until her death two years ago, and amongst the many things she did for AM was to set up and organise the annual bursaries, in association with the East Sussex Music Service.
Each May we host an evening where the very best young musicians locally take part in a competition to win bursaries, normally around £2000.

2015 is the fifth year this has happened and obviously we have to fundraise during the year to make sure that we can cover the total cost of around £2500.

We are very proud to stage this event – and thank Marianne’s family for their continued support in making this happen.

The picture is from 2013 and shows the competition winners, judges and The President of our Club in that year Fiona Tritton.

Award ESKWe give Service Recognition Awards to members of the community who we believe have gone that extra mile to help us help others.
So far we have only given away three:

– Bob Beevis – the managing director of ESK Superstore – has been awarded a Service Recognition Award from Rotary.

– Sheikh Abid-Gulzar, chair of Lion Hotels

– Gian Luca Albertoli, La Locanda Restaurant

Pictured: Bob Beevis, with President Fred Cox.


Community refuge hamperEvery Christmas we support the local REFUGE, which helps women and their children who have had to flee their homes due to domestic violence.

Jo Egan-Smith from the charity attended a meeting of Eastbourne AM Rotary Club at Chalk Farm in Willingdon in December 2014 to receive nine bumper hampers for the Refuge over the festive period.

President Fred Cox explained, ‘This is a cause very close to Eastbourne AM and one we have now been supporting for a number of years. There is a very active Refuge locally and it is a privilege to be able to support what it does.

‘We provided hampers packed with festive food, crackers and even a present for the mothers, and we hope it gave them a lift – however small that may have been – over the Christmas period.’

Pictured left to right: Rotarian Di Hammond who co-ordinated the hampers, Jo from Refuge, and AM President Fred Cox.

tea3 (2)2014 was the first year we staged Lyn’s Garden Party – but there is no doubt we will stage it for many more years to come.

It was held at the East Dean home of members Lynda Dean and Dave Cooper.

More than £1000 was raised for rotary causes and around 90 people attended.

Lyn has now sadly died but it is an event very close to our hearts and one we are very proud of. The 2015 party was an amazing success, held at the home of Phil and Carolyn Stokes. We are very grateful to them both.
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ESKEVERY year we join forces with ESK Superstores in Courtlands Road, Eastbourne, on their busiest day of the year – the Christmas launch event.
We pack the customers’ bags and they make a donation to our chosen charity, which for this day is normally SASBAH – the Sussex Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.





McMillan coffeeWe like to support annually Macmillan Cancer Relief’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, which normally takes place on the last Friday in September.

This picture is taken from the 2015 event which we were very grateful to Brewers for hosting