geoff--geraldineWe are very proud to support the Quicken Trust, and indeed have now done so for many years.

We have sponsored a child called Justine from the start of school and all the way through her education. We also support her Grandmother with a monthly donation.

We have just ended our commitment to Justine now she is grown up, and we are supporting a new child through primary school as well as our continued donation to Grandmother.

The Quicken Trust was founded as a registered charity by Geoff Booker in 1996. At that time tackling poverty and transforming lives in the rural Ugandan village of Kabubbu was not on the agenda.

Instead the aim of the Trust was to provide support to help the development of new charities based in the UK. The name was inspired by the old English word “quicken” meaning to give new life to others.

But, after Geoff and his wife Geraldine returned to Kabubbu in 2000, the focus changed. The Trust now concentrates entirely on working to help the villagers find a way out of poverty, destitution, disease and despair.

To reflect the change, the Trust re-registered with the Charity Commissioners in 2004. It also registered as a Trust Company Limited by Guarantee.

From the start, Quicken was underpinned by Geoff and Geraldine’s Christian faith. But preaching was never the main aim. As Geoff puts it: “We are inspired by the words of Francis of Assisi: ‘Wherever you go, preach the Gospel – and only if necessary, use words’. On every visit we share our experience of God in church. We also share our faith when asked by others who have experienced a miraculous provision or felt God’s love personally.”


wadeyWe also support ICC Missions every year, with the help of former AM members Mike and Rachel Wadey.

The couple own the Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway and each year visitors to the popular tourist attraction in Lottbridge Drive are able to make a donation via The Wishing Well.

The money is split 50 50 between the Quicken Trust, which supports families in Kabbubu, and ICC Missions, which works to make life better for people in the Ukraine.

Owner Mike Wadey said, ‘We are delighted to work with our friends at Eastbourne AM each year, and are very grateful to our very generous customers who donate the coins.

‘It is always a pleasure to add up the money at the end of each year, and the total for 2015 is the highest we have ever had. Thanks to everyone who helped.’


We are also delighted to twin with a German Rotary club, and this is something we are looking to develop in the coming year.


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MAYOR Janet Coles hosted a group of German Rotarians at the Town Hall on Saturday morning as part of an exciting new exchange project.
Eastbourne AM Rotary Club is now officially an International Partner with the Rotary Club of Pirmasens-Sudwestpfalz in Germany after a three-day visit to Eastbourne at the weekend.
The partnership was sealed with a signing of certificates from AM President Peter Lindsey and German President Michael Straesser witnessed by the Mayor in her parlour.
The 20-strong group of visitors spent the weekend at The View Hotel, and they ate at The Ship Inn at Meads and then the Sussex Ox at Milton Street.