The ER Interactors are a group of 24 students from Years 7-9 at Ratton Academy, who are keen to develop engagement with the community both local and global.  They are linked with Rotary AM in Eastbourne and already the two groups have developed a mutually supportive relationship.


Through their community-based work students are not only learning and contributing to the communities in which they live, but are also developing a range of leadership and team work skills that will help them in the future.  In organising this event, they were amazed by the amount of planning that needs to be put in place, not to mention the scope of the risk assessment.

Interact Fair 7July 8th was the first time that the ER Interactors have hosted such an event.  The Fair saw 22 organisations from across the town set up in the school hall.  They represented many aspects of our community from homelessness and terminal illness to the environment and our heritage.

The event was attended by the Mayor, who was truly impressed by the endeavour shown by the student organisers and the engagement of those that attended the event.  For four hours the building was a hum of conversation as each year group in turn took the opportunity to interact with organisations as diverse as the Food Bank, A Band of Brothers and Eastbourne Museums Service.  The latter were especially appreciative as our young people shared their views on what they would like the new town History Museum to be like.

From the initial feedback students found the event both informative and surprising.  Many could not believe the range of organisations that exist within the town, nor the dedication of the people who work for them.

Without such drive, there would have been no Fair at the school and as such the ER Interactors would like to thank everyone who participated and made the event such a success.
It is the intention of the ER Interactors to develop this event in future years.